Tuesday, January 31, 2006

US (Ohio)Election Fraud 2004?

Podcast on the subject, with Mark here.

Ah holy hell.

I'd heard nothing of this!!

Courtesy of Mark Hertsgaard, whose very interesting book I am currently reading (more anon) posted the claim on his site, followed by a long page of querying details, that I've only begun working down.
If this is true, if there is a need for a look into a second Bush election controversy in as many terms, then this may turn out to be the biggest political scandal since..since God knows when. It would dwarf Watergate certainly.

I mean, this is huge, if there's merit to the story.

The...rigging of elections by one party to stay in power in the world's most powerful country and the oldest, most successful and most high profile democracy in the world..
I mean, the '00 elections were a farce, but despite the apparently self-evident corruption and rigging of ballots in Florida, at least it could have been considered a once-off. But if it's happened again, then to be quite honest the crime is worse by a manifold amount.

This isn't impeachment sort of territory. This is removal and imprisonment sort of territory. If (and given the conjecture here, I can't stress "if" enough) this can be traced, like Watergate, back to the White House, to the Oval Office, then not only does Bush have to go, but...Jesus it's the entire political system of the main party in America!!!
This wouldn't be the run of the mill corruption you get in say the Ukraine or Mongolia or something. This is Zimbabwe-style electoral corruption.

But, as I say, unproven.
And that's sort of a relief, to be quite honest.

I don't like the thought of American democracy being whittled away at from the core.
The rotten core.

Now, speaking of Mr. Hertsgaard, I'm reading his book, "The Eagle's Shadow: Why America fascinates and infuriates the world." Speaking as someone who is both loves and loathes aspects of the US and who despises their imperialist foreign policy (call it like it is, in fairness), this book is a really interesting read. He addresses, I think more for an American audience than any other, why it is that their country is held with equal awe and worship on one hand, and violent and bloody hatred on the other. And he does that better than some books I've read on the same topic, as he's not afraid to praise as well as lambaste where appropriate.

EUR4.50 in Hodges Figgs in Dublin, if you're in the market for a book that's more than worth its price.


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