Thursday, January 12, 2006

PMQs and Iran

Quite a boring and dry set of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons yesterday, but there was one or two things of interest.

Firstly was the awful mess Sir Menzies Campbell, acting Lib-Dem leader made of a point he was making on schools missing headmasters. Let's just say that a party with no current leader should not bring attention to it by criticising the Government over its failure to provide leaders (of a sort) elswhere. The House collapsed in tears of laughter. Poor Ming Campell might not recover from that one, but given his age and the increasingly downward age demographics that parties seem to be looking for (David Cameron), he's a bit too old for it anyway. Despite being the most able by far. But perhaps such electoral niceties aren't needed when you're the 3rd party and hamstrung by the manner in which votes are allocated anyway.

The other important thing was the general consensus on what to do with Iran, which seems hell bent on getting sanctions. On Tuesday, they broke the UN seals on its nuclear facilities, indicating an intent to move onto a process of enriching uranium for what it says will be peaceful uses.
But given that this is the country whose President has called (a) for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and secondly for a Jewish homeland to be established somewhere in Europe instead, this is clearly not a country that has shown the maturity or trustworthiness to be allowed play with atomic energy.
Tenner bet has the Israelis striking said facilities at some stage, if nothing is done.

It'll be off the UN Security Council soon anyway, and I can imagine there will be a general consensus for sanctions. If not, I hope Russia will at least abstain, rather than use their veto.

Will keep an eye on this anyway.


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