Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Kudos if you get the title.

I've been meaning to come around to this for about a month. Now's my chance to rip this shoddy piss take of a proposal.

Have people seen this?!

The Progressive Democrats are proposing to move Dublin Port from it's location in..Dublin port off to north Fingal (up the coast a bit, I'll try and find a map)

I was sent the link from Toni to see the big version here,and it's worth clicking to see the big picture.
Which is ironically what's missing in the proposal.

First off, Dublin port has been in Dublin port for centuries. Only in the most dire economic situation should that be changed. The port was originally the city's raison d'etre and a trading post. To end over a milennia of tradition just to get some fancy loft apartments seems a bit short sighted to me.

Secondly, this isn't even a cogent argument. They want to dismantle and move the port, and put all these big buildings down in its place..
Not a chance in hell would that get planning permission, no matter how pretty it looks. Does anyone honestly think that the Nimbys in Sandymount and Clontorf would accept these "skyscrapers" being put up, no matter how ideal the location? I would have a time believing it. Especially given the ruckus over Spencer Dock.

Thirdly, the south side of the port, where the chimneys are has a massive and expensive sewrage treatment plant there already, which is only a few years old and was built at some considerable expense to the European taxpayer ;)
That..doesn't seem to be on the pretty picture above.

That and the fact that the Poolbeg Chimneys are are part of a working power station (to the best of my knowledge). I don't think high rises are the ideal thing to be building around that.

Fourthly, the people of Balbriggan would be none to pleased at the idea of a large port being built up near them. I wouldn't be!! I can't see Fingal County Council jumping at the idea either.
And hang on! What was the point of the bloody port tunnel then?!

Enda Kenny, Fine Gael leader (main Oppositon party), recently criticised the lack of joined-up thinking in Government in Ireland. I completely agree, and not just to toe the party line!
This is just a cynical bit of non-news from the PDs, who are looking for a reason to exist in the run-up to the 2007 elections. I mean they actually mention that this development would turn Dublin into a major cruise ship destination.


Dublin is nowhere near the major cruise routes and has the misfortune (in one sense) to face onto a dirty industrial little sea between Ireland and the back arse of the UK. Which cruises would come this way exactly? I know we get a reasonable number of round-the-world ones in, but to suggest that this idea would lead to a maissve increase in numbers of cruise ships is a little hard to swallow.

And where would the ships berth? Seeing as the port would have been moved?!

Joined up thinking? These people can't even join the dots.

My main objection is that I like the way to port looks at the moment, thank you very much.
I prefer this picture to the one above.

The argument on Archiseek is worth reading too, by the way.


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