Thursday, January 26, 2006

Grow up Iran!

A bunch of immature crybabies...

Boo Hoo Hoo, the West won't allow us to enrich uranium.. Waaaaaa! They're threatening to tell on us to the Security Council... well we're not playing anymore.

They deserve a good smacking. Or at least their bearded midget President does.

So today the Iranians are saying that they will halt dealings with nuclear watchdogs from the IAEA if they're reported to the UN Security Council.
Oh, and the Russians and Chinese- the former being a long time supporter of Iran and the latter being the jammiest authoritarian state in history- are urging "caution", according to the Irish Times.

Look, here's the thing Iran. We just don't trust you to enrich uranium purely for peaceful purposes. We just don't. You're a fairly out there country, with a theocratic government and a absolute nutcase for a President. Nations that call for other ones to be "wiped off the map" don't get to play with nuclear power. Simple as that.
Democracies can be trusted to use nuclear power responsibly, as their leaders stay in power on the whim of the electorate. Wanna be a big player?

Drop the Ayatollahs, act like a grown up country and try democracy on for size. Until then, Russia will have to do your uranium enriching for you, chewing your food for you in advance like the crybaby you are.

Grow up or Shut Up.
Or we go to war.


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