Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Canadian General Election

Interesting result from the Canadian General Election.

First off the Liberals have been thrown out of office (if such a violent thing could ever happen there) after 12 years in power, and the Conservatives have received the largest number of votes with 36.25% of ballots cast, with Liberals in second place and the Bloc Quebecois taking bronze.

124 seats

103 seats

51 seats

Interesting because no party recieved a majority and now will have to either form a coalition, which is unlikely given the partisanship between Liberals and Tories and their mutual dislike of the Quebecois (splitters).

And outgoing PM, Paul Martin persued a considerably more independent foreign policy from the US than Prime Minister Elect Stephen Harper (above) is expected to follow.

I'd say Bush is quite pleased with the results. But in fairness, even the most conservative Canadian is hardly going to be most militant person in the world, are they?


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