Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ivor the Tank Engine seems to have puffed his last. Off to the shed with you, ya poor sod.

Eh..I'm sort of in two minds about this to be quite honest.
I mean it's always good to see the Shower in Power take a tumble, but it all seems a little overblown, for a FF minister I mean.

The whole shambles in his Department was embarrassing, yes, and offering his personal secretary a car to stay was...idiotic...but that's nothing extraordinary for an Irish minister to be able to get away with. Remember, Martin "fuckwit" Cullen is still in the Cabinet, despite spending EUR56 million on faulty voting machines (or at least ones that aren't quite democratic enough).
It all seems to have come to a head over Ivor's having had a construction company carry out work at his home and then not have to pay for it. Now I'd certainly consider that grounds for resignation, but our Taoiseach has always been hesitant to give Ministers the chop, despite indiscretions and, well, ineptitude.

Methinks it's because there's an election in the air and Bertie doesn't want any stains to be too recent in the public's goldfish-like memory.
Not to worry there, Bertie. The EUR150 million spent on a broken computer will be enough by itself. Sure when you add the rest of the Government's legacy of waste, incompetence, cronyism, cowardice and greed, you're a fair way towards the knackers' yard as it is.


Blogger Simon said...

hey just came across your blog good stuff.

Does Ivor deserve a gate though.

12:02 PM  

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