Thursday, December 08, 2005

David Cameron

Good to see the Tories went with someone electable this time and choose David Cameron as party leader.
Unfortunately I missed Prime Minister's Questions yesterday but apparently he was on fire, trying very well to drive a wedge between the British government's plans for education reform (the details of which would bore me to tears) and the increasingly mutinous Labour backbenchers.

Now I have to say that I will always prefer a Labour government in power in the UK because...I'm Irish and the Tories don't have the best track record here. And I'm quite pro-European and they are about as Eurosceptical as it is possible to be without becoming the UK Independence Party or the US Republican Party.
But a bit of proper politics is welcome in Britain after 8-nearly 9- years of Blair reigning supreme and the Conservatives wallowing in the electoral abyss. And I know it sounds mean spirited but it's a joy to see Blair being confounded at every turn in Parliament. Either because I disagree with his legislation (pretty much all his terrorism-related stuff and that religious hatred nonsense) or because I just want to see him have a bad time.

I used to have tremendous respect for the guy, but in recent years he's become a White House prostitute. He's dead as a party leader, his own MPs have given themselves carte blanche to disagree with him publicly and vote against him in the House. He's be as well to hand over to Gordon Brown asap, to let the man gain a public persona as PM and as party leader. Because Cameron will be at the dispatch box for the next 3 years, carving out his niche as Leader of HM Opposition and the sooner Brown can fully speak his mind on all issues, without having to see if Tony will suffer it, the sooner he can begin to combat the biggest electoral menace Labour have faced since...well admittedly since the Iraq War (bad year for the Labour Party overall!).

Cameron is certainly a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I wouldn't even trust him with my shopping, but he's going to make things very difficult for Blair and, from the vantage point of a relatively unaffected outsider, he'll make British politics much more interesting to watch.


Anonymous Roger said...


I agree with you. I wonder if there had been better opposition to Blair would he have believed he was so untouchable. And if not would he have gotten Britain into the war so easily. As they say in football parlance, he was given far too much space.

5:52 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

Hmm..but at the same time the Tories all backed the war anyway.

If I were Cameron I would try and get around that by hounding Blair over his record on alleged torture, co-operation in illegal prisoner transport and detention and his constant erosion of civil liberties.
As the House of Lords has been doing for the past few years.

6:14 AM  

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