Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bringing Miss World down to Earth

This was something else that cropped up in the pub last night.

Toni was going on about how he respects those who win beauty contests. Myself and Blondie disagreed.
Toni is of course biased in this because he's related to a certain eyebrow monster (above).

My opinion on this is that beauty contests are cattle auctions. Best looking girl wins. There's nothing else to it. Anyone who dresses it up as something more than that is either (a) working in the marketing department of Miss World, (b) a contestant or (c) a female fan of the show (guys know how shallow it is).


I went onto the Miss World website (ahem..for research purposes only) and their motto is "beauty with a purpose". Sorry but the only purpose of beauty is to be beautiful. And I 'm not taking that away from the contestants, they're stunners, but dressing that up with a mission statement that tries to present the auction as something more than the shallow beauty contest it is, is stretching credibility a little.
As for respecting them. I can give the winners and entrants their dues. Fair play for having the guts. But I don't respect them.
Respect is something you should earn for your work and achievements in a field of learning, sports or employment or for your commitment to a higher ideal. Not for looking good in a bikini.

I respect teachers, nurses,priests and social workers. I respect some politicians (not many). I respect members of our Armed Forces, our Gardai and those in the rescue services (take a bow, Toni). But equating the sacrifices those people and others make with the performance of some strutting little barbie doll in a two-piece is a bit out of order.

So, if I had the coherence of mind to have a concluding thought, it would be to treat beauty contestants as the slabs of meat they are. And to extend proper courtesy and respect to the people making real sacrifices in our community.


Anonymous poppy said...

she didnt mean to enter she just went along to a local comp that her friends pushed her into and she kept winning!
your just jelous cause there is no beauty in your blood lines!

2:35 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

"My opinion on this is that [at] beauty contests [the] Best looking girl wins. There's nothing else to it."


4:46 PM  
Blogger FJR said...

Dumb schmuck? A little harsh there.. Miss World is dressed up as something more than just a beauty contest, Toni. That's the (minor) issue I was taking with it!

And I'm not arguing with that, Poppy!!

4:04 AM  

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