Thursday, December 01, 2005

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I was going to continue on my Luas fetish (if the RPA can have one, so can I), but I'm a little swamped with work so it'll have to wait till tomorrow at the earliest. Maybe monday.

Miserable bloody day today, isn't it.. A nice day for private transport (bet you took the Yaris to DCU today, Toni. You hypocrite ;-) )

Murderous looking queue waiting for free PCs here in the Orts block, so I'd better sign off now. More comments on the Luas-or any other topic-is welcome.


Blogger Robin said...

In fact... no. I'm at home. Snug as a bug. (As I didn't have the Yaris, I'm not risking that weather!)

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Regular Reader of your Blog said...


6:08 AM  

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