Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ultimate Luas!

Yeah I lied earlier..

Okay..this is what I would try and do if I held the reins of power.

Okay....I put a few new routes in as you can see!

The Green Line now runs from Sandyford/Carrickmines to Stephen's Green and then down George's St to Temple Bar, and up Capel St via Grattan Bridge. From there it could head to the Arbour Hill part of the city to the site of the new DIT campus..and then onto Blanchardstown.

The Red Line continues to the Point Depot via Mayor St in the IFSC.

The Purple Line starts at Stephen's Green and runs along Stephen's Green North, down Merrions St and Square, through Trinity College and across a new bridge to join the Red Line at Mayor St.
It follows the red line as far as Beresford Place, where it heads up Gardiner St and along Parnell St, off north to Phibsboro, Glasnevin and eventually the airport.

And then there's the Blue Line, which is a circular south inner city route.
It runs from Stephen's Green to St. Patrick's Cathedral, then up to Dublin Castle. Then down behind the Civic Offices and through Temple Bar to Westmoreland St, which it crosses along Fleet St, off past Hawkins House, turning back up by Pearse St and through Trinity College along the Purple Line back to Stephen's Green.
This would unite the south inner city completely and allow easy transfer from north to southside via the Green Line.

The brown dotted line is an inner subway which would circle the inner city and allow quick transit across the entire city.
In Vienna they have one subway line that does just that. It works a treat.
Starting at Connolly, it goes straight south to Pearse St. Then up to Merrion Square, under Leinster House and Molesworth St to Grafton St. Then up to Stephen's Green, off to St. Patrick's, Dublin Castle and under High St down the Liberties to St. James' Gate and St. James' Hospital (where it meets the Red Line Luas). Then under the Liffey and back via Blackhall Place, Smithfield, Henry St and Talbot St.

Taa Daa!!!!


Blogger Robin said...

what would the point in a circular line be?

It would wreck your head.

Just Imagine to get to town on the dart you had to go to go around the M50 on it first.

Circular = bad.

5:50 PM  
Blogger FJR said...

Well..if I have time I'll be sticking in more subway routes (it's nerdily addictive)

You'd use it go get around the city...and there'd be linear subways too.

Vienna has one like that, which is a godsend for getting around. And it's inner city isn't much bigger than ours.
I disagree completely!!

1:59 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

I'm going to move the blue line north of the Liffey a bit, and run it along the Red Line for a bit...

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even see the picture.

7:48 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

They're there, trust me! I can see them.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but they're far too small for me to see. There isn't even a zoom facility. Can you loadup a bigger schematic?

5:51 PM  

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