Thursday, November 24, 2005

Rabbitte No Confidence Vote

Oh I hope it passes!

Or at least force him to resign..

I only heard this a few minutes ago. Wish I 'd seen it.. Apparently The Ceann Comahairle, Rory O'Hanlon, (Speaker of the House in the Irish lower house of parliament) ruled Pat Rabbbitte's (Labour) attempts to raise the issue of the winter fuel allowance "inadmissable" on the Order of Business.

Mr. Rabbitte replied by saying that he is inviting a motion of no confidence upon himself. This is the same Rabbitte who said the Ceann Comhairle was "congenitally incapable of fairness" a fair while back.
I've seen the man in action. He really is incapable of fairness. Partly because he is a FF TD, unlike his predecessor from '97-'02 who was from the Labour Party.

He does really need to go. He has been protecting the Government from proper questioning for 3 years now. I hope this isn't all hot air from the oppostion. Table the motion or have the Government shaft him and get him replaced.


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