Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Luas is suas in the air

I'd really appreciate feedback on this one.

Yes I know it is Wednesday...yes I know I said I would be back on Monday.

Sloooooowwwwwwww news week here in Ireland...I can see this one being a brutal one for news. All we have is an industrial disupte. Seriously, that's all. 4 million people and one item of news.

Anyway, have you all seen the proposed Luas lines???

Eh.....has the RPA collectively taken leave of its senses?

3 of the 5 suggested routes would run down lower Grafton St, College Green, Westmoreland St and across O'Connell Bridge.
Otherwise known as some of the most important and busy streets in the city.

Anyone who has been on O'Connell St, Westmoreland St and College Green knows that they are the used by the vast majority of cars to cross from the south inner city to the northside and comprises pretty much the only route for buses to get from Dublin2,4,6 etc to the north of the city. And if you've been on a 46A, 10 or any other bus that plies that route, you'll know how busy it is with public transport.
Putting a tram along that would take up effectively all the road space, with one token lane left/

That would be completely impracticle..but we like to do things backwards here in Ireland. Or the wrong way, as it can also be called. So I have little doubt that's where the Luas will be heading.

Okay, Route B has merit in as much it avoids the very core of the city and reaches more parts of the south inner city. The only problem I see in it, is the apparently desperate need to get it near to O'Connell St. I don't understand quite why it has to be strung along Pearse St. Actually, I would also try and run it through the back arse of the Trinity campus instead of down Westland Row past Pearse St DART station because that road is packed at rush hour. I'd also propose that it continue to the quays and cross the liffey down there, across a new bridge to the IFSC, where it would join an extended Red Line n Mayor St and run to Connolly-as it tentatively propose the extended red line will do.

Route C isn't the worst either, as it avoids major traffic ares intially by sticking to back streets from Stephen's Green to George's St. Then it runs into Dame St and, I love this, runs half the length of Dame St.
Dame St. is busy...all day every day. From personal experience, I'd say it's busier than O'Connell St. So running a tram along it would be idiotic.
Instead, I'd recommend continuing in a roughly straight line from George's St into Temple Bar. In there it could be split into two lines for the two directions, as I doubt many of the streets there could take both sets of rails. The area is practically devoid of traffic as it is, so it could be run straight to O'Connell Bridge (which the RPA seems to have some sort of fetish towards) with minumum disruption. All that would be needed would be the pedestrianisation and "Luasification" of Lower Fleet St. Then it could turn onto the very bottom of Westmoreland St and cross the Liffey.
Although personally I think it'd be even better to run straight down from George's St through Temple Bar towards the Liffey, turning near the quays onto the bottom of Parliament St and across Grattan Bridge to the Red Line.
That would link both lines and open the rather ignored area around George's St up more.

Route D is asinine. It's Route A only with a new bridge to avoid O'Connell St.

And Route E....follows the Route A plan, only with seperate tracks on Dawson St and Kildare St for the different directions. Just to cause maximum disruption. The only merit in this plan is that it would really bring home to the TDs in Leinster House how stupid the RPA's plans are.

So.. here are the suggestions I made above in picture form....

My changes to Route B are in pink and purple, the ones to Route C are in green(oh! and pink..just noticed that).

I honestly think they'd make more sense. If you agree or disagree post saying why (Especially you, Robin and Pagano)


Blogger FJR said...

C'mon I want your feedback here!!

3:37 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Whats wrong with them going down the busy streets?

Em. Kick the cars OUT.

And deliveries/collections only between 8pm -> 8am.

If you want to shop with your car, shop in a centre on the motorway.

3:48 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

Kick the cars out? In what world does that work? Nazi Germnay perhaps...

"If you want to shop with your car, shop in a centre on the motorway. "

Is exactly what people will do...

The Government have said, again and again, that cars will remain the principle form of transport in Ireland indefinitely. So "kicking them out" would make absolutely no sense and would be impossible.

Instead we'd get traffic chaos in town and lower earnings for businesses.

3:53 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

no. kick them out for sure.

Why should you be allowed have a car in our streets?

4:15 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

I can smell shit stirring...

4:17 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

Actually..the best route would be all the ones I put in in this post!

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just get rid of the Luas altogether..It's rubbish, de-rails or has a crash about once a month.Just do the proper thing and bu9ild an Underground!!Luas line everwhere will couse more Crashes and then the Ambulances can't get to them cuz the health service is a mess!!!Just burn the country and start again...SIm City

4:36 AM  

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