Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bushwhacked and Goldsmited

Well the indictments just keep piling up, don' they??

In the last week we've heard that US forces are commiting war crimes by using white phospherous as an anti-personnel weapon, that close to 100 prisoners were found in an awful condition in the basement of the Iraqi Interior Ministry and that the White House was lobbying to have the CIA excluded from a Congressional ban on US Government employees using torture anywhere in the world (it'll pass, I reckon, Presidential vetoes can be over-ridden with ease if Congress is determined).

It gets worse.

Before the war started, Bush apparently wanted to bomb Al Jazeera HQ in Qatar. For those of you unaware, Al Jazeera is an Arab 24hr news agency broadcasting from relatively free-speech Qatar, and has tended to get up the nose of the Yanks with its footage of bomb victims and (perhaps rightly) it's constant screening of videos of suicide bombers and Bin Laden, which admittedly gives many terrorist organisations the publicity they require to exist and prosper.

However, the station is well regarded by many news agencies and journalists in the West, who see it as a creeping threat to their own ratings, especially when their proposed English version kicks off next year.

But that shouldn't even be the issue. The fact is that President Bush wanted to murder innocent civilians in the territory of a US ally for completely non-military aims.

Had he gone ahead with that, it would be an immediate case for impeachement and removal from office. However he was dissuaded from it by Tony Blair (thankfully).
Of course the US military has had somewhat of a knack for bombing journalists and news organisations. They've bombed television stations as a matter of course (Serbian TV in '98, and Al Jazeera HQs in Afghanistan in '01 and Baghdad in '03) and attacked the Hotel Palestine during the liberation of Baghdad, despite it being universally known that it was the centre of operations and accomodation for the Western press corps. And then there was the convoy that in which BBC journalist John Simpson was travelling in Northern Iraq in '03, which came under fighter attack despite most of the vehicles having "PRESS" written on their roofs.

I suppose the glorious difference between all that and the current debacles, as reported by Britain's Daily Mirror, is that there appears to be a paper trail..
Yesterday, the Mirror reported (in giant letters on its front pages...) the news that Bush planned to bomb Al Jazeera in Qatar, claiming to have seen a Top Secret British document in relation to this.
Today they are being prevented from publishing further news about it by the UK Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, who was also the man who was apparently made change his mind and say that the Iraq war was legal when seemingly believing that not to be the case.
He's quoting the Official Secrets Act and saying that the document containts state secrets.

I'm looking forward to seeing Bush's response to this when asked by US journalists (they'll cop it eventually). He can't really lie on this because if/when the bar is lifted on this document being released it'll be pretty clear what his intentions were.
And if he lies, he can be impeached-as we saw with poor Mr. Clinton.

I pray the US media and the Democrats grow some balls in relation to this, I truly do. This sorry house of cards has to be pulled down and Bush really has to go. Or at least have to fire Cheney, who has certainly commited "gross crimes and misdemeanours" (The US Constitution's defintion of what qualifies impeachment) through his manifold lies about the war.


Blogger FJR said...

How's that for a return to form then Bobs??

3:13 AM  
Blogger Connectage said...

I remember hundreds of members of Reagan's and Bush senior's administrations of which Cheney was a member. Reagan ignored the world court of justice and international law also - but didnt seem to harm his core support at home. In fact it made him more popular cos he was tough on communism which was the 'enemy' at the time. George Ws popularity increased in second term not decreased - many americans would lose no sleep over bombing Al Jaseera unfortunately.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Connectage said...

of course I meant to say that hundreds of Ragan's administration were indicted. Oops

4:56 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

much better ;-) much better...

oooh, look you've comments & visitors now!

5:31 AM  
Blogger JL Pagano said...

Bush is a lame duck president. All his administration's efforts between now and 2008 will be focused on repressing whatever skeletons are in his cupboard that would get him impeached.

In the meantime, all the Republicans/NeoCons have to do is distance themselves from him and prepare their new candidate. I used to think it would be Condi Rice but since she is so closely allied to Bush, I'd have to think it may be Guiliani instead.

12:43 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

I'm saying John McCain with a more right of centre vice president in the race for 2008.
I'd vote for him tbh.

2:02 AM  

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