Friday, November 25, 2005


Bloody freezing today isn't it?

About the only time in my life I would willingly exchange places with someone in Iraq. Sure it's a lot sunnier and hotter there. And all those car bombs must be keeping them toasty and warm, so long as you stand far enough back.

Daedalus Building out here in UCD has a draft straight from the bowels of hell. You know those sort of drafts that send freezing air creeping up the back of your top or trouser leg? That's exactly what it's like.. I'd go hunting for the source (the door...) but there's a mutinous looking queue waiting for PCs and I fear they might pounce on me the minute I leave mine. Especially if they see me typing this meaningless twaddle!

Not really motivated enough to type and search for the bones of a proper post today. We can't all just blog about the Volvo Ocean Race thing, Toni.

Today's even colder for me because I got my hair cut this afternoon..well it was either that or the wind resistance from the mop I recently had would've lifted me off my feet and deposited me in Howth harbour.

So..I'll be back with relevant stuff to say on Monday..I'm going to keep on the two America-related topics below, and I might wander back to conjecture about 2008 Presidential Nominations.
Speaking of which..I was very wrong about Bush nominating that Hispanic lad...whatshisname... Gonzales!! That's the one. Yeah I thought he would have tried to stick "Torture Timmy" on the Supreme Court but instead he went and picked another minority candidate...the white male! Pretty sure hearing haven't started yet anyway.. I'll cover them when they do. My two principle sources on all matters American, Newshounds and The Daily Show, haven't mentioned it anyway!

Well enough waffle for now! Have a good day and a good weekend and I will catch you on the flipside.



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