Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Alcohol A-Z: W,X,Y+Z

W: Weekends

A magical time with less/no early mornings for a whole two days each week! Weekends are a wonderful chance to do even less than you did during the week. They are also a wonderful chance to go drinking.

So let your hair down (metaphorically, Eoin, I know that physically can’t happen) and party hearty.

X: Xylophone

“X” is always for “Xylophone”

Y: You

You are special, yes you really are, you're the only one like you. The world is better just because you're here, no-one can do the things you do...

Sorry...went off on a little Barney the Dinosaur tangent!

Try not to forget your name when you're out for drinks, or out for the count...
This all falls under the general theme of getting so dangerously drunk that you pass out/die of alcohol poisoning etc...

Like they say in those child safety booklets we read in primary school, Stay Safe!

Z: Zzzzzzz

Nothing like drink to aid a restful sleep. Unless you have to get up early the next day. Then it is HELL.
And the amazing thing is that you can sleep anywhere. Comfort ceases to be an issue. What a wonderful way to live, eh??

Welcome to the big bad world of “alcomahol”, Owzie. I hope this guide will be a…guide (I’m tired) for you.Actually I would be very worried if you followed any of the advice in here!


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