Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alcohol A-Z: P+Q

P: Passport

There are two places you need a passport in Ireland. In the airport and in the pub or nightclub. You will use your passport for these abundantly non-travel uses more than for its proper purpose.
Strange but true.

Make sure you have a passport, make sure you actually look like the photo in it and try and make sure it’s yours. If possible.
Even better, get a Garda I.D card. Or someone else’s Garda I.D card. Same rules as above apply.

Other sometimes-acceptable forms of identification include college I.Ds. Letters from mummy are not valid.

Q: Queasiness

Yeah, it’s going to happen. At some stage you are going to feel a teensy bit ill from all the drink. And it follows that at some stage you are going to get sick from all the drink.

Sorry, that’s just the way it goes.

There are two ways to prevent this from happening. Or at least to try and prevent it. The first is to “line” your stomach with milk before you go out. This actually works, apparently. The other method is not to drink. But that’s not an option.

Eh…not much I can give you in the way of advice. Basically, don’t drink too much too fast. And if you start too feel sick then stop immediately as you are walking the thin line between getting sick and staying…dry.

And it’s over quick. It happens all at once but in less than a minute it’s generally all over. Like a bomb blast.


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