Friday, November 11, 2005

Alcohol A-Z: J+K

J: “Joy”

Not “joy” the emotion but “Joy” the takeaway. And all the other takeaways in Howth for that matter.
Now here’s the thing. After consuming litres of beer, you might end up with a slight desire for something solid to soak it up. So you stagger out the door of the Bloody Stream and up onto the street. One of the first things you see is a takeaway. Selling hot tasty goodness for a pretty decent price.
And you might try and avoid it, because of the incredible crappiness of the food in question. So you wobble past and on up the road. If you go along the harbour front, you come to…another takeaway! Café Caira, which sells the nicest burgers north of Roundwood. At this stage your resolve will melt away and you will barrel through the door, screaming at the top of your lungs for a quarter pounder with cheese, chips, a battered sausage, some fried chicken and a can of Fanta.

That’s if you decide to go that way.

If you go up by the Garda Station, you’ll run into Joy. Same deal.

Impressionable drunks cannot resist two takeaways in a row, especially if they’re hungry. It’s scientific fact. You can try and defy the natural order of things, but it’s not worth it. Just give in and take out.

K: Krugers

Krugers is both the comfiest and emptiest pub in Howth and is our local. Well it’s Robin’s and mine, seeing as we can both crawl home from it.

Believe me, when it’s 3°C outside and the rain’s lashing down, there’s nowhere nicer to be than in the big armchairs in the “War Room” with a fire blazing beside you (in the fireplace..).

Krugers also have one of the cheapest prices for a pint in the area, at 4 euro. And if you like U2 it’s the place to be, because they play their albums over and over again.
Admittedly service is a little hard to come by, sort of like searching for the Holy Grail. But once a month a member of staff will pause at the bar long enough for you to place an order, if you’re there on time and hold eye contact.
Comfy, cosy, quiet and cheap (relative to most other Howth pubs), Krugers is the place to go for a quiet pint and a conversation. We’ve probably had more leader meetings there than anywhere else.


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