Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Republican Ireland dead and gone?

"The gun of the IRA is finally gone from Irish politics"

Or so Bertie would have us believe.

I'm not so confident.

And I would love to have watched the historic news yesterday with thanks and relief that the largest and most powerful terrorist group in Europe has finally decided to bite the bullet ;-) and give up its life as an armed organisation.

But I have genuine trouble believing that this is the end of things.

First off, the IRA has reinvented itself as a criminal association and is running smuggling, robberies, bank heists and the odd murders with impunity.
Sinn Fein opposition to the PSNI is preventing republican communities from breaking with the notion of the IRA as their security force, and the continued existence of the group means that SF is nowhere near being treated as a genuine political party, and not the offshoot of the larger, shadowy provisional movement.

There is no word of when/if the IRA will disband. And until that day, I will view Gerry and the boys with utter suspicion. I know that there are many in FF (Dermot and Bertie Ahern) who are only itching to hop into bed with the Shinners, and it'll be interesting to see the composition of the next Dail. If Fianna Fail ditch the PDs (who stand little chance of holding or increasing their existing number of seats) and go into coalition with Gerry Adams, then it will be the end of 80 years of democratic politics in Ireland.

Sinn Fein cannot and must not be trusted.

Fine Gael is the only party that continually opposes SF membership of a future government.
Bertie's waffling about the economic and foreign policy difference between his party and SF is nonesense. If they could go into government with Labour every few years, then no doubt they will manage the same with Sinn Fein.

The Irish public must be alerted to the creeping hand of Sinn Fein in southern Irish politics before it is too late.
They have the worst policies of any political party, north and south. They would destroy the country's prosperity and, by the simple virtue of being in government, Ireland's reputation in the international community and the EU.

I vehemently believe that until such time as the IRA (an illegal organisation) is independently declared to have been disbanded, their political wing should be legally barred from standing for election.

I also think that their accounts should be fully checked by the Criminal Assets Bureau, to see exactly where the cash is coming from. They managed to bus hundreds of supporters down from the north for a march in Dublin on Saturday...where'd the cash for that come from??

For the sake of peace in politics, the rest of the Republic's political parties could open their accounts for the same scrutiny.

The media need to take a different tune too.

The tabloids and "broadhseet" Independent have taken a dangerously pro-SF position since 1998, and this must change.
Gerry Adams is not a modern day saint, he is an ex-terrorist and has blood on his hand. That he and his reprehensible party are now sidling in the door of constitutional politics is a worrying development for those of us south of the border, who were quite content to see the usual actors preen and strut across the political stage in Belfast.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilence."


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