Wednesday, September 21, 2005


We live in scumbag central, do you know that?

Page three of Irish Times today has an article about the bus crash that hit those two English women last week.

According to gardai, the belongings of one of the pair, who remains in a critical condition in St. James', were stolen within minutes of the accident.

What the holy fuck is wrong with this town?????

That the first reaction of some little untermensch would be to nick the possessions of a crash victim is one of the worst stories I have heard about the ne'er-do-wells who inhabit our fair city.

An Garda say that officers were on the scene "very quickly" to preserve evidence but the bags had already been lifted.
It's sort of a naiive belief of mine that if I happened to be hit by....say.....a bus, that passers by would maybe stop to lend a hand-you know, check that I was still alive etc. Not that they would take the stuff I had with me!!!

This poor woman has had her handbag stolen, with her passport and more than EUR1000 in cash. Also she's lost her suitcase, which apparently had all her possessions in it.

I'd never return to this city if that happened to me.

I'm well aware how healthy our scumbag population is in Dublin, but to do this is a low that I didn't expect.


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anythign for a 'fix'

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