Monday, September 12, 2005

Facts and Figures

Now that I have a semi respectable tally of hits on my little blog, I thought I would take time (and your time) to publish some of the stats.

Don’t fall asleep just yet. I’ll try and make this interesting!

So…first off, my biggest referrers are Robin’s gearedup blog (see sidebar), and MSN.

Actually a lot are coming in off MSN, like lost drivers. 38 misdirected souls so far.
So I was wondering what on Earth was bringing them in.

And the keywords “separation of church and state” are hooking them by the barrel!

So I MSNed the words and lo and behold, there I am! Second in the list! Woo hoo!
I’m indebted to MSN for their shitty search engine, without which I’d be getting significantly less hits.

Keep up the good work there. Don’t ever change.

And loads of the hits are from America and Australia.

Now, as delighted as I am to break out of the parochial little bubble that is Ireland, I’d love to know who they are and what they think of it. So if you’re foreign, please drop me a line or a comment.
Pretty please?


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