Thursday, September 22, 2005

Christian Exodus..good riddance to bad rubbish

It's always refreshing to know for sure that you are smarter than someone else.
Even when they have a fancy website.

The men and women of Christian Exodus, which I assume was begun in mental hospitals to give the more religious patients something to do, plan to move en masse to South Carolina and essentially take it over.

Now it's my belief that S Carolina is already run by Bible/Gay bashers, so it seems like the perfect destination for the crazies.

When there they will promote public prayer, public display of the 10 Commandments and the general lynching of every homosexual person they can round up.

The leader of this little cult is a 20 something Californian named Cory Burnell, who has yet to leave the west coast!!!

I just love that! Evidently he's not as thick as some of his followers and is happy to stay in a State less.....fucked up.....than the one he plans to lead (from behind) his people to.

Ah the Christian Right is a funny group, most of whom are mentally challenged in some way. I just hope that Charles Darwin sodomises each and every one of them when they go to heaven.

Follow the giant head to a great satire on the Christian Right and Unintelligent Design.


Blogger Alan said...

I grew up in South Carolina near one of the counties that is targeted by this group. Your opinion of South Carolina, at least the 'Upstate' area, is not far off.

The state slogan is "Beautiful Places, Smiling Faces". I think it should be changed to "Beautiful Places, Lots of Racists".

I recently posted on this group also.

11:46 PM  

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