Thursday, September 29, 2005

And the nominee is....

Speculation time!

Bush has stated that his new nominee to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's place on the Supreme Court will be from an ethnic minority backround.

He has been prevailed upon by Democrats to nominate a moderate, who would be approved without any trouble. This would also roughly keep the status quo of the bench, albeit slightly more republican in outlook on some issues.

George W Bush is the most unlikey president in US history to accede the wishes of the Senate, or the vocal minority therein.

His nominee for the second vacancy is going to be...

Alberto Gonzales.

Yes, the man who think torture is just a bit of fun, sort of like tickling (I exaggerate, obviously) will be the person the White House will try and force through.

Which will drag the court to the right for decades, either repeal Roe v Wade or at least return it to the states as a non-federal matter (which wouldn't be the worst idea) and certainly put an end to the meddlesome interference of the court in the official status of US prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Unless the Democrats take leave of their senses, there's going to be a filibuster to prevent his appointment. Which will bring back the animosity of the Tom Bolton hearings, whom Bush had to sneek into ambassadorship in the UN behind the Senate's back this summer!

It ties in with Bush's philosophy on nominations.

He either has to know them well and have been friends with them, or he has to have been responsible for much of their career.

Gonzales became Secretary of State and Texas Supreme Court Justice under Governor Bush, prior to his move to Washington. And Gonzales accompanied as White House counsel, and then Attorney General.

This President does NOT like independent thinkers, he's too wedded to cronyism and patronage.

Watch this space.


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