Thursday, September 29, 2005

America's Bitch

We are America's bitch, it's true.

Well in fairness we're one of many. Part of the U.S.A's global harem. The "coalition of the internationally sodomised" if you will.

Apologies if you heard about this already, but this is the first time I picked up on this little story, and I'm still a little peeved by what I read.

According to Dan Buckley of the Irish Examiner, the US and Irish Governments signed an agreement back in July that allows tha CIA to conduct interrogations on Irish soil, in complete secrecy.

Ehhh, when was this debated in the Dail?

When did we decide to bend over and let Washington do whatever they want to us? This is an outrageous decision, made by a government so supine when it comes to bilateral talks with the States that it would be impossible for them to acquiesce to anything more.

McDowell, when signing the agreement, said ,"the international community must do everything it can to combat terrorism with every means at its disposal."
And then he re-assumed the position and let the entire Bush Administration ride him raw.

By "every means", I presume he includes the new and improved American attitude to toture, which is that it's okay so long as they do it to other people.
So, not only was our non-existent neutrality compromised by American troop movements through Shannon, but we will now be allowing US secret agents do whatever they want to whoever they want, on Irish soil.


Of course, there is more to it than that. As America's Bitch our responsibilities to our sugar daddy go much further.

In between the bum fun, McDowell decided that the Irish Government will, at America's request

  • Track down people in Ireland
  • Transfer people in custody in Ireland to America.
    I would have assumed this was covered by prior extradition treaties, but I believe this is more to do with rounding up suspected international terrorists/prisoners of war/innocent Muslims and getting them to Gitmo, rather than requesting suspects in crimes commited in America.
  • Carry out searches and siezures on behalf of the US Government.
    Hopefully this will be in line with our own Constitutional requirements for warrents, and limits on Garda stop and search powers-as defined in legislation, but I don't know.

Does your ass feel numb yet?

ICCL Director Aisling Reidy sums it up quite succintly.

"To agree to give such powers to a government which has allowed detention of its own citizens without access to a lawyer for over a year, which has legitimised Guantanamo Bay and the interrogation techniques there, without public debate, is an appalling signal of how highly or not the rights of Irish citizens are considered by the minister when engaging in international relations."

The Department of Justice stated that there was debate on the matter but that is in fact a complete lie, as the Dail was on its 3 month break from responsibility through the summer.

That our sovereignty can be undermined in such a way is extremely worrying, not to mention being a chilling example of the realpolitik that occurs when America comes knocking on the door demanding favours.


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