Monday, August 08, 2005

To Russia with Subs

Ah Russia, will you ever learn.

Our good buddies the Soviet, sorry, Soviet-era navy has sucessfully managed to rescue the crew of the tiny sumbersible that got caught in a fishing net (actually, how small was this thing!!!!?) last week. A great demonstration of the quick reaction of the Russian emergency services and an event that will alleviate concerns about the 80 rusting nuclear submarines on the Arctic coast.

Ah but no.

No, it was the Brits who rescued them. The Russians didn't think to have a rescue sub on hand in the area when playing their "war games" last week.

Is it just me, or would you not take precautions when playing war games? Something in the title says "hey! you might get hurt! in this war simulation."


And why is it that they didn't send out a resuce sub of their own. They must surely have at least one. Did it get lost on an airport carrousel or something?

Well good on the British for rescuing them. Even if the Russian nave is run by an incompetent and under-resourced administration, it's good to see that our nearest neighbours have their act somewhat together.

I can totally see where all the Arctic countries are coming from when they protest the condition of the subs in Murmansk and other ports. If I lived on the Arctic Circle, I wouldn't want my fish glowing green and hopping across the table singing Verdi, when meant to be dead. But I would also not want to live on the Arctic circle....

So don't join the Russian Navy,Unless you know all the words to "Yellow Submarine" and can tap morse code on the hull when you sink.The ability to not have to breathe would also come in handy.


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