Monday, August 08, 2005

Shuttlecock up

Poor NASA.

You really have to feel for them, don't you?
First they lose a shuttle, then spend nearly $1 billion fixing the problem.

18months later another shuttle is launched and....

The same thing happens again.

So it looks like the poor old shuttle (and it is getting old) is sort of doomed. What a way to go out. In a few years we'll be stuck with several mothballed spacecraft(actually the Americans will be, I didn't pay for them).

Here's my plan.

They're old.
They're not entirely safe
Very little needs to be fixed between flights

Sell them to Ryanair!!!

Budget Spacelines!

Beating Virgin before they've even begun their Galactic line of spacecraft.
It'd be great. A cheap ;n cheerful visit to the stars. The shuttle can take 25,000 kg of cargo, so there'd be plenty of room for luggage, awful inflight food, and items for on flight sales.

The thing is, though, that Ryanair has a habit of delivering you to your destination, only about 100miles out. And in space I think a little more accuracy is needed. It's sort of the difference between docking with the International Space Station and.......ramming the International Space Station.

And best of all, NASA already runs them like Ryanair planes. You're strapped in, with the bare minimum of luxuries, sent packing to where you want to go and you have a tight schedule if you want to coem back with them or not at all. And weight is always a consideration, so they already limit what goes into the shuttle on take-off. Not much different to Ryanair's policy on luggage (i.e: don't bring any).

But the number one reason they should be sold, and why NASA and Ryanair are so similar, is that you're never quite sure if you'll survive either flight!


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