Thursday, August 11, 2005

OAP-Old Angry Pensioner!

You know it's silly season when the BBC report on this...

Inthe south France, a senior citizen named David Thiel was taking a nap when he was rudely awakened by low flying helicopters dropping water on a nearby forest fire.

So what does he do?

Does he...shake his fist impotently with rage?
Complain to the emergency services?
Irritate his wife by moaning about for the nest few months?


David fired at it.

Yes, Mr. Thier's solution to a problem is to shoot it.
Thus making him the bravest Frenchman in history.

As you might imagine, the local gendarmerie were around in a bit of a hurry to arrest him for...trying to destroy a helicopter with a hunting rifle....
Dave was having "non" of it, and resisted arrest.

And how, you might ask, did he do that? What weapon did he take from his vast arsenal to combat the long arm of the law?
The rifle? A shotgun?


But of course.

When carting him off to jail, police found 15-fifteen!-hunting rifles in the house.
The judge said that he should not have shot at the helicopters ,"as if they were wild ducks."
No, he should have taken aim....

What a country. The funny thing is that story could so easily be moved to Ireland an so little would have to be changed!

And, when visiting France, if you are possesed with a mad desire to shoot things, it is apparently legal to do so, so long as you aim badly.


Blogger Chris said...

Hell we shoot things all the time in America. That story is probably a daily occurence here. I'll never understand our fascination with shooting things.

Good story. Like the site.

6:12 AM  

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