Monday, August 15, 2005

Locomotive. Lo-commotion

I am going to be a DART driver.

Apparently they get paid by the carriage.

What a brainwave that was! Which gombeen in Siptu or the IGTWU came up with the idea that they deserve more money because....their train is getting longer.

Does that make Intercity drivers millionaires?
Or those poor bastards who drive the Enterprise. That train is as long as the border!

The Labour Court has already ruled that they aren't entitled to more cash, which sort of invalidates their right to strike if they went to it for arbitration.
And they were given a pay rise in 2000 in relation to this!

I don't understand the argument they're putting up anyway, bar the "money, money, money" aspect.
Is it that they've a greater responsibility now? Because in that case, they better be paid more during rush hour when there's more people on the trains. Maybe they should install taxi meters in the driver's cabin...
Or is it that the train is bigger? Seeing as the main part of their job is to raise and lower a lever to regulate speed, I don't see that being a tremendous point. It's not like they're being asked to push the bloody thing!

Sorry, you get no sympathy from me.

Put up, shut up, and drive the fucking train.


Blogger Robin said...

it the most ridiculous thing... Longer carriages are more responsibility!!! HAHAHHAAH

5:26 AM  

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