Tuesday, August 16, 2005

John O'Don'thaveaclue

Was anyone else watching "Rip-Off Republic" on RTE 1 last night?

Our esteemed Minister for Arts, Sport, Tourism, the Gaelteacht, the Islands and whatever else Bertie can stuff in his portfolio, John O'Donoghue, was quoted about the perceived culture of....how shall I put this?

Oh yes.

Bloody gougers ripping off the public for every last cent.

The offical Government response to this general and widespread concern is that-and this is wonderful-there is no rip off culture!

That's a relief, isn't it?

That whole thing about us having the highest excise duty on alcohol in the EU, the most expensive drink and soft drinks in the EU and one of the highest costs of living in the Union...that's all a completely seperate matter.

It gets even better.

Not only is Ireland not in the grip of the most amoral shower of bastard publicans and restauranteurs, but we're doing harm to our own tourism economy by talking non stop about the problem. You know, that problem that doesn't exist?

Aren't we a big bunch of sillybillies? To all simultaneously notice absurdly high prices? And to exercies free speech...how short sighted of us.

Not that they're high, you understand.

No, according to the Minister (the same one moving his entire dept down to his constituency. Had to mention that), Ireland is a low tax and high cost country.

That's just a magical occurance. Apparently. Those high costs, well they just smuggled themselves into the country in a Dell crate bound for Leixlip.

As was completely proven last night, we are not a low tax country where it comes to rates set on food and drink. So Johnny was lying through his teeth in that regard. Or was completely ignorant of the entire issue. Either one would be no suprise to me.

And, as for the cafe bar proposal, Michael McDowell (my Minister of the Year) was effectively prevented from acting in what he believed to be the common good by the Vitner's Federation.

Sorry, sorry, I meant the Fianna Fail parliamentary party. I always get those two mixed up.

The Government and Oireachtas are meant to govern and legislate for the common good of the country. Not to protect the interests of a powerful and wealthy lobby, to which some of them belong to.
The entire political framework of this state is rotten. The national agenda in this country is obstructed by the self serving parish politics and backslapping of lobbies that almost every TD subscribes to.

I swear to God that if I ever get the chance or a public mandate I will do my best to kick in the door and try to bring the whole shambolic edifice down.

Consider this my first campaign promise.


Blogger aoife said...

first time i have really looked at one of these blog things and i have to say this one is pretty impressive polly!

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