Thursday, August 25, 2005

I wanna take you to the Island....

Any Paul Brady fans out there (there's more than one, surely?) should get the witty title. Oh how I crack myself up sometimes. Sitting in the empty Daedalus Building in UCD chuckling to myself....

Today's homily, children, is about "The Island", which I went to see last night with friends. It's basically the Matrix, only underground.

And there might be a few plot spoilers in here so if you haven't seen it, read selectively!

The plot is about a man called Lincoln Six Echo, who lives in a self contained community of thousands of people, after an apparent contamination of the surface of the Earth. Lincoln, played by Ewan McGregor-for once having fun while acting) and all his housemates wear identical white jumpsuits, eat identically awful food and have their entire lives organised for them by shadowy computer operators sitting in shadowy behind the scenes rooms.

Like Big Brother, only with attractive people.

Scarlett Johansson plays Jordan Two Delta, one of Lincoln's only friends. And Sean Bean is once again typecast as the intelligent villain. Poor man.

So Lincoln is beginning to suspect lots about the world around him, like "where the tubes go" and "who decided that we all wear white?". This all comes to a head when he manages to find his way into a restricted area of the stumbles across an awful secret.

You see (if you're still awake out there) there's a Lottery in the community and whoever wins, being picked at random, gets to go to the "Island", the only placeon Earth that's free from contamination.
But, unlike Dolores MacNamara, there ain't no cash and the reward is actually a bit of a bummer.

Instead of being carted off to paradise, they get......harvested for their organs...

Not exactly the prize you'd be looking for after winning the Lotto then!

And Lincoln finds this out after wandering into another part of the facility..whatever the place is.

The next day-or sometime afterwards- he learns that Jordan (Johansson) has won the lottery. SO he rescues her and they manage to escape.
Yeah, security is that bad.

Then, after running for miles (they're very fit) they stumble across a bar and find one of the workers from the facility that Lincoln had befriended. This guy takes them to his house and explains to them the terrible secret of their purpose in life...

Which I can't tell you.

But the surprise, whatever it is, doesn't come as too much of a debilitating shock to Lincoln and Jordan because they get on the move a few minutes later. The jumpsuits are ditched.

Then they're off on a whirlwind big city adventure,and get chased.

I wont tell you how it ends, or how the middle bit goes, because then you wouldn't have to see it. Unless you want to pay me the EUR8 or so and I'll tell you it all. For a bit more I might even act it out.

Good film, especially for a 12A cert. Lots of gory bits, which a certain 15 year old tomato addict sitting to my right in the cinema did not enjoy. But we sedated her with a bottle of ketchup and things were fine.

A bit long though. A bit way too long!

And the most obvious product placement since I Robot.

So that's my review. 3 and a half out of 5.

Empire, if you're hiring, I'm available.


Blogger Michelle Mitchell said...

enjoyed your review especially that bit about them being very fit. Caught the movie myself last wewek. Enjoyed same.

if you havent seen Crash its worth a look would be very interested to read your review on that one :-)


1:41 PM  

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