Monday, August 15, 2005


Wanted: One Government.
No prior experience necessary.

I'm realistic on this, Irish politicians are the most inept in Western Europe.

We are currently playing host to three international fugitives from justice.
In addition to the hundreds of terrorists who swan around the North as part of the "ah sure you're alright" release from prison clause of the Bad Friday Agreement.

But you wouldn't know it!!!

Our justice minister is on holiday. In Australia!! Now McDowell is the most vehementy anti-Sinn Fein member of the government, so I think he was told to stay put and leave things to Bertie Ahern and the appeasement posse. Mary Harney is temporarily minister for health and justice (she's bloody big enough) and has been reduced to fobbing the issue off on the gardai whenever she issues a statement from Hawkins House.
And our Taoiseach has yet to actually call for the arrest of the men! Now I know that he can't actually order anyone's arrest, despite what Gerry Adams seemed to think after the Northern Bank robbery, but I would imagine that he has enough clout as prime minister to lean on the guards to get them. And surely the guards are chomping at the bit to get them.

No, I think dear Bertie has told them to lay off too.

So the Bertie is dithering as usual, Mc Dowell is in exile, the Tanaiste has invented a new article in the constitution to let her take his position, the guards can't or aren't allowed find them. Sinn Fein are presumably doing a jig over how this is being handled, the Columbians want them back, Interpol want them, the Americans want the Columbians to have them back, the British want the Columbians to have them back...

And 43% of the population want the Columbians to have them back.
Another 43% wanting them to serve their sentences here.

As I said in an earlier post, I don't want them to go back-on human rights grounds. But they have been convicted and are fugitives. Therefore they should be in jail here in Ireland.
And if Charlie Bird won't 'fess up and say where they are, he should be considered as aiding and abetting criminals.

Plus there's the fact that they were travelling on false passports over there, and presuambly re-entered Ireland illegally.


For the love of God what is our Government playing at.
Now we now that Bertie made an agreement with the Mafia-sorry the Shinners about releasing the McCabe killers until the Gardai, the public and the man's widow refused to allow it.
I'd put money on the fact that he's done more than that with Gerry.

There'll be another tribunal in a decade over this.

The Taoiseach has a duty as leader of the government to us, the People, to ensure the safety and national security of the State.

What else are you hiding, Bertie? Apart from the Columbia 3...


Blogger Fence said...

Well in regard to the Columbia 3 afaik the Columbians haven't actually asked for them back yet. They are still investigating how they should apply.

Personally I think the sooner they are back in Columbia the better.

6:43 AM  
Blogger FJR said...

Ah yeah...but are the Government actually going to wait around till they ask before considering it?
I mean it's quite likely they'll ask for their prisoners back!!

7:49 AM  

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