Monday, August 08, 2005

Cretinism and Unintelligent Design

I know, I'm on a roll when it comes to really corny titles.

So everyone's favourite unpopular President is wading into something that he knows......oh say....nothing about.

He wants Intelligent Design to be taught alongside Evolution Theory in American schools so that people can understand both sides of the debate.

ID, for those of you not from the incest-states in America (and my condolences if you are) is the belief that life is far too complicated to have arisen by itself. So there must be an intelligent creator behind it. AKA God. Well hopefully God.
This belief is closely linked to the Creationism belief that God created the world and everything in it, not to mention the rest of the universe in 144 hours and then took a day's break (at the mo, I don't get a day's break!) to relax with the angels by the pool.

Otherwise known as em....


Now, I may not be remotely qualified to debate this in any depth, but just because Rev. Billy Bob Lynchington from Shitkicker, Georgia thinks that life is too complicated, does that really mean that it is?
Or could it be that Rev Lynchington (who I so hope exists) is merely not smart enough to comprehend it?

Saying that God is behind the creation of life to the extent that he drew up the individual designs for different species does science a disfavour. And it is all completely unproven.
I know that Darwinism is still also a theory but, when the entire scientific community gets behind an idea, it can be a good idea to take their word on it from time to time.

The other thing, and this links in to my general fear of the Religious Right in the US, is that they only seem to be promoting the Judeo-Christian line on things. I mean, if they're going to ask that creationism and ID be taught in schools, might all the other creation beliefs get a look in?

It's all a bunch of nonsense and ignorance, wrapped in a Bible. But it means that a lot of Americans in the states that will adopt this (and they will; this is a country that renamed french fries to snub France...) will be even dumber than they are now. There are more Americans apparently that believe in ID than in Darwinism already.

Islamic terrorists won't have to bomb buildings there any more. Pretty soon the Yanks won't have the smarts to build them in the first place.

Keep the Burning Bush in the Bible and out of the White House, please.


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