Monday, April 25, 2005

Pope Benny

So we've got a new Pope.

Only the thing is they guy scares the hell outta me. He looks like a cross between Emperor Palpatine and some sort of sexual voyeur.
It's the grin.
I can picture him in a car outside a playground.

And apparently he's conservative as hell. Which is a bit frustrating seeing as we've had twenty something years of uber conservatism form JPII.

Actually, here's the thing.

"JP2" had a cool ring to it. "B16" sounds like something that flew bombing runs over Germany.

So we'll have to watch Benny like a hawk to see what he gets up to next. I'm guessing that the liberal gay married priests won't be getting the thumbs up any time soon. But if he presents a 'final solution' to the Church's woes, I'm outta there!


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