Monday, March 14, 2005

Condi for President?

So is Condoleeza Rice going to run s US President in 2008?

Either this is a completely media organiszed rumour blitz, or there is some truth to it. Now Condi refused to rule out running in an interview last week, so I'm wondering if she is considering it. There are reasons why it might be true.

Firstly the Republicans have no consensus candidate yet. In order to get the nomination from the GOP, a person running would have to appease the Christian right wing that have had grip on the party since Reagan came to power in '82. Condi will be controverisal, as she advocates a pro choice position on abortion, albeit in tightly controlled circumstances. Seeing as the moral hardliners in the party want Roe vs. Wade reversed, I can see that being the main sticking point. But Condi is the only attractive personality from the middle ground of the party that could appeal to them. John McCain, who Bush pipped to the nomination in '00 is viwed as too liberal (well...for a Republican) and I would doubt he would get the nomination. Then there is Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, who does not have the national credibility to get put on the 2008 ticket.
Condi is the darling of the whole party, a highly intelligent black woman who has been praised to the highest heavens by the Bush Administration and was recently rewarded with the position of Secretary of State, vacated by Colin Powell.
To me, at least, she seems to be the only candidate so far to replace George W.

But there are problems. She is a black woman. Now, if we're honest a large proportion of Republican votes come from Southern white males, who have a reputaion as being somewhat ignorant and frequently racist (or "incest ridden shitkickers" if you prefer) and sexist. I don't know how she would appeal to them, to be honest. And then there is the whole abortion question I mentioned above.

Should she get the nomination however, who would she face off against?


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